Indulge Your Inner Trekkie

Photo: Petland
Photo: Petland

It’s hard to find unique dog toys…so when I came across these Star Trek dog toys…I had to pick one up! For those who (GASP) aren’t familiar with the Star Trek franchise, these plush toys are modeled after the original series. Personally, I picked up the famous “red shirt guy” not only due to the irony should he end up destroyed but because he seemed the most likely to last. And $22 CDN/toy  want him to last more than five minutes!

The red shirt guy features a crinkly body and a squeaker in the head. Our gal loved this toy and watching her run around with the head in her mouth and the legs flailing…well worth the money.

You should be able to find these toys at most major pet stores; I bought mine at Petland (currently on sale for half price online). We give this toy

cartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bone out of 5 bones


Amazing Squeaker Ball – Lives Up To Its Name

DSC01652It can be hard to find a new toy for our gal and even harder to find one that keeps here interest for more than one play session. So when I saw this ball I didn’t expect much…much to my surprise it turned out to be a hit. Ivy isn’t obsessed about balls but she loves this one!

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What’s in YOUR Food? (Revisited)

Great article…also it’s about time we start changing the rules around pet food labeling…

The Science Dog

In an earlier blog essay, “What’s in Your Food?” I reviewed the results of four published studies that compared the animal protein ingredients listed on various pet food labels with the actual ingredients found in the foods. Multiple instances of mislabeling occurred in which undeclared animal species were included as ingredients and/or protein ingredients declared on the label were completely absent.

canned dog food comic

This month, another study was published (1).  Although this work was conducted in the UK and examined canned pet foods only, it was unique in one important way. Unlike the four previous studies, this group of researchers revealed the brand names of every single product that they examined.

All I can say is; It’s about time.

The Study: According to the authors, the objective of their study was to “examine the correlation between the composition of different animal proteins and the animal species disclosed on pet food labels“. Now, a naïve person might assume that such a correlation would…

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A Necessary Evil or A Sell Out?

Photo: ttarasluk
Photo: ttarasluk

In an age where businesses can inflate their popularity by buying Facebook “friends” and Twitter “followers” is it really surprising that companies can buy reviews? The less scrupulous ones pay for a positive review by someone who has never even tried the product or service…but what about blog reviews?

I have never been paid (or at this point even given a product) to review and after this post I doubt anyone will ask me either. I only review things we already picked up for our pets with the intention that they might enjoy them…and perhaps that’s one reason why I am not able to post regularly. It can be time consuming to buy, test, and write a review. So it is really all that surprising that many bloggers (and not just pet ones) accept “jobs” to review products?

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Sunday Reads – Dognition, Pitbulls and more!

Wondering what type of personality your dog has or what their strengths/weaknesses are? Dognition has a series of games that test your dog on factors such as empathy, communication and more. It’s supposed to help you understand your dog better and was developed by a number of professionals including Victoria Stillwell.

October 25th, is National Pitbull Awareness Day  learn all about this amazing breed and what you can do to end BSL.

Finally, do you have an urge to bake? Why not make your pup some tasty wheat free apple cookies?

Are you prepared?

Photo: aussiegall
Photo: aussiegall

September is pet disaster preparedness month. I believe it’s best to “expect the unexpected” whenever possible. You never know when the weather, an environmental mishap or something else could throw you for a loop.  Therefore, it’s best to have at least some type of emergency kit and plan in place for you and your furry family members. Continue reading

Sunday Reads & Round Up for September 7th, 2014

Photo: aussiegall
Photo: aussiegall

A few of these come from a great resource for dog parents (and if you share your life with a cat check out

First up, wonder how your pet will fair this month? Then your dog’s horoscope may reveal all…

For any readers in the USA, Zukes is having a Twitter Party (#worklikeadog) hosted by event barkers on September 19th from 8-9pm EST. There are over $750 in prizes to be won. Never been to a Twitter Party (hey I didn’t until quite recently)? Not to worry you can read all about them here.

There’s still time to enter The Lazy Pitbull’s Only Natural Pet $40 gift card give away (open to American & Canadians!)

If your dog is in need of a new collar now is a great time to treat them…C & K Pet Designs is offering 10% off all in stock collars (and they’re handmade in Canada whoohoo).

For something different but still on the animal side of things…scientists have recently discovered a new type of mushroom shaped creature that doesn’t fit on our current evolutionary tree..