It doesn’t work for weightloss so why do we think it works for dogs?

photo: cdk
photo: cdk

Most of us by now realize that programs that claim to help you lose weight in 7 days at best doesn’t work and at worst can be harmful.

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The fun and serious side of pets

I came across this today on Collegehumor and thought it was worth sharing.ff0db022409cca599cb3f9ab028fb3ab

On a more serious note, don’t forget to vote for your favorite shelter in the latest Shelter Challenge, the best part is you don’t have to sign up to vote!

It’s in the mail…

Photo: .girl ferment.
Photo: .girl ferment.

I’m a bit like Mr. Bean. By that, I mean the scene in the xmas episode where he sends himself letters and is super excited to see them arrive. I always thought shopping online was a bit like that…you know it’s coming and what you’ve bought…but it’s still a bit exciting to wait for it to arrive. And that’s why I find monthly subscriptions for pet stuff so exciting. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds at the moment for a proper review (but if anyone wants to send me one to review haha) so I have found a few good compilations of some of the companies currently out there.

Subscription box talk covers most of the options out there.
Canadian Subscription Box Addict reviews BarkBox
And finally, You Did What With Your Weiner has a handy comparison chart (also…great title for a blog)

Puzzle Games to Keep Your Critters Busy

Both the cat and dog need a lot of stimulation otherwise they’ll start looking for trouble. That’s why we bought these two puzzle toys. The first is the Dog Games Star Puzzle, it has a knob on the bottom to adjust the difficulty in moving the three star segments. You place a treats in the stars and close it up and allow your pet to try and it up. This held their attention span the best. We had to make the star really loose for the cat, to allow her to be able to open it up (the hard part for her) but her small paws allowed her to pop the treats out easily. Since she uses her nose alot (for a cat) this was a good choice for her too. We also stuck some of her toys in there and it kept her pretty busy trying to pry them out. We tightened up the star for the dog who didn’t take too long to open but (due to her bigger paws) it was harder for her to get the treats out (a good thing really). We and a lot of fun watching her try to figure out how to get at the treats. Eventually, she resorted to licking them out or just picking up the whole thing and dropping it to make them bounce out.
puzzle 2

Next, we tried the DogIt Mind Games 3 in 1 interactive dog toy. You can play hide and seek by placing treats in the small depressions in the base and covering them up with the small “cups”, slide a disc where the cups are replaced by a green flat disc the animal can push around to try and access the treats, or a more challenging version of hide and seek where a center piece is added (makes moving the cups harder).

puzzle 2puzzle1Ironically, the cat had much more fun with this toy than the dog. She like moving the disc around and the cups became another toy to chase around the house once they were “freed” from the base. The dog found this toy too easy and starting trying to chew on it after she found the treats (took about 5 seconds for her to get them all). I guess how much fun this toy is for your dog really depends on their abilities and personality. Overall we give the Star Puzzle
cartoon_bone cartoon_bone cartoon_bone and a half out of 5 bones and the Mind Games 3-in 1 Puzzle cartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bone bones out of 5.

The Star Puzzle is available for between $16 and $24.99 and the Mind Games 3-1 puzzle for $22 to $29.99

Review: Dirty Dog Mat

We used to dread rainy days…the amount of grass, mud, and who knows what that ended up in the house (even after cleaning dog) was amazing. Not to mention the endless number of towels that was inevitably used…then we discovered the Dirty Dog mat.

Photo: Dog Gone Smart
Photo: Dog Gone Smart


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ChuckIt Zipflight Review

Photo: Chuckit!

ZipflightThe Chuckit! Zipflight is a great alternative to a Frisbee. It’s lightweight, soft allowing dogs to grip it easier. It can be used on land (even in the house if you’re careful) or in the water since it floats. It’s available in two sizes (6″x6″ or 9″x9″) and a number of different colors. We found the Zipflight to be fairly  durable for regular play (but NOT for chewing). The dog hasn’t quite mastered the concept of retrieving so she just runs after it…then loses interest after it stops moving. The Zipflight flies well over short distances but we given the fact the dog is only allowed off leash in the backyard…so we haven’t given it a proper distance test but I would imagine it can fly quite well. If your dog enjoys retrieving then they will likely love the Zipflight. It’s available at any major pet store for about $11 to $15.

We give the Chuckit! Zipflight

cartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bone out of 5

Dog Toy Review: Aussie Naturals Reloadable Dolphin

I saw this toy on sale at a local pet store and thought we’d give it a try. It’s made by ABO (Australian Beach Outdoor Gear)…a company based out of the US (Georgia to be precise). Originally they were in the business of making outdoor products for humans and expanded into the pet business nearly ten years ago. ABO toys are made with natural fibers (hence the name Aussie Naturals) such as leather, jute, cotton, and wool and many feature recycled materials in their construction. Unfortunately, the ABO website does state that they manufacturer their toys in India and Asia. All their dog toys are tested by shelter dogs in the Georgia area to ensure they can stand up to some serious use by your furry family members. Continue reading