Are you prepared?

Photo: aussiegall
Photo: aussiegall

September is pet disaster preparedness month. I believe it’s best to “expect the unexpected” whenever possible. You never know when the weather, an environmental mishap or something else could throw you for a loop.  Therefore, it’s best to have at least some type of emergency kit and plan in place for you and your furry family members.

The ASPCA recommends that your emergency kit includes:

-pet food to last 3-7 days. They also recommend that you rotate the food to avoid it going bad (and you forgetting about it)

-bottled water for 7 days for the pet (although your human kit should have some too!)



-If you have a dog …extra collars/leashes or disposable litter boxes & litter for a cat

-copies of important documents like vaccination records and photos of your pet (in case they get lost)

-extra medications your pets take regularly

-toys and feeding bowls

-sturdy carrier for each pet

-pet first aid kit

You should also have a evacuation plan in place so you will have already identified where you can safely leave your pet or where the pet friendly hotels are outside your area.

In honor of disaster preparedness month, The Lazy Pitbull is giving away a pet first aid kit. If you didn’t win (or just want to make one yourself)…here are some suggestions on what to include in your kit.


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