Handmade Dog Collars

It started innocently enough…we were less than impressed with the dog collars that were available in the pet stores where we lived…so we started making collars for our pup. Now we have started our own little business making collars so whether you have a big dog or a little one…if you want some unique handmade collars that will make you (and your dog) the envy of the neighborhood. Please check our our website… C & K Pet Designs or like our Facebook group .We even have pet themed greeting cards. Thanks!

Our inspiration

DSC01030 hulamonkey



Leashes that announce…..

There is a program of color coding ribbons that can help warn others about any quirks your dog may have. For example, yellow (like the stoplight) commonly means caution (the dog might be nervous for example), blue is a dog in training and white means the dog is deaf or blind.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this system. So when I came across these leashes/collars…I though it’s about time! No more guesswork.

Photo: muddy paws pet care services
Photo: muddy paws pet care services

These collars and leashes are available from amazon and other pet supply retailers.

The Cone of Shame….

A few weeks before our pup’s spay surgery we went out a bought a dreaded cone of shame. We even tried it out and attempted to get her used to it so when the big day arrived it wouldn’t be as stressful. There are surprisingly a number of new (and supposedly more humane) alternatives to the original e-collar (aka Elizabethan collar).

One we tried was an inflatable version that looks suspiciously like a life preserver (as you can see in the photo).

Photo: Petco
Photo: Petco

I suppose if you have a dog with a short nose then this might do the trick. It also has the advantage of not restricting your pet’s vision and elimiates the “bulldozer” effect. Unfortunately for our gal, it did little (except make us laugh).

Another option is the soft e-collar. One of the more popular ones is the Comfy Cone. Rather than the usual hard plastic, it’s constructed of foam and nylon to make a less uncomfortable but still protective barrier.

Photo: Dr Foster and Smith (website)
Comfy Cone Photo: Dr Foster and Smith (website)

We didn’t try this option but this may be a great alternative for some pet owners. Some online reviews did complain their dogs did figure out how to fold the foam (allowing them to lick their wounds). Personally, I would probably give it a try next time (BEFORE it was actually needed and buy it from a store that allows returns…just in case).

We had a lot of trouble finding one that would fit our dog. The one from the vet was white (unlike the too short clear one we originally tried..and she didn’t mind). She did not approve of this at ALL, fortunately after a bit of effort we found a clear one that fit properly.

Regardless of the cone you choose, it’s important to make sure that the cone extends past the animal’s nose.

It’s a busy October in the pet world…

Photo: docoverachiever
Photo: docoverachiever

The first week of October is a busy one in the pet world! First is walk your dog week. Apparently, estimates range from 35-55% of dogs in North America are overweight..not surprising since unfortunately so are many of their owners. Dogs should have a minimum of a 30 minute walk daily. However, if (like many pet owners) you and your dog could stand to lose a few pounds…starting with a 20 minute walk 3x is a great start. Walking helps improve behavior, increase the bond between you and your dog (and of course helps keep everyone healthier).

This week is also adopt a shelter dog month…help change a life. There are many myths about shelter dogs but 4Keepsanimalrescue has a great page addressing the reality of rescue dogs. And don’t forget National Cat Day on October 29th (but more on that later).

So you’re thinking of getting your first puppy?

Photo: Paul+photos=moody
Photo: Paul+photos=moody

Puppies are cute there’s no question. The real question is are you ready for your first one? I think the answer to this one is the same as having kids…you might think you are but you have no idea what’s in store. We read a lot before you got our puppy but there’s tons of things they don’t tell you about such as you dog might not really know how to play (we actually had to teach our puppy to play rather than just try to bite and shake our pants instead). Your puppy might not be bothered by their collar or leash but they have zero interest in going for a walk….and so on. If this doesn’t deter you then great! The next question is where do you find that cute fuzzy ball of fur? Continue reading

Zoe Lifestyle Dog Treats

he other day I was looking for a new treat for the pup instead of giving her a bully stick or a bone. I found Zoe Lifestyle Dog Treats and decided to give it a try.

 These treats are soy, wheat, gluten, corn, additives/dyes free. They come in puppy, low calorie, and antioxidant varieties. Today, I’m reviewing the low calorie type. These treats claim to have a “dense, chewy texture” that helps to clean teeth. The low calorie variety is only 92 calories per stick and dogs 30-60lbs can have one per day based on the feeding instructions (we never gave our puppy a whole one). She did seem to love it..just as much as her bully stick surprisingly but had a much more pleasant smell than the bully stick (it’s cinnamon spice flavor) and more importantly…resulted in her having nice smelling breath.

These are a nice alternative to other treats and might be a great option for dogs needing to lose a few pounds (but you still want to give them something special).

We give them  cartoon_bone cartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bone

out of 5

Zoe Healthy Lifestyle Dog Treats are available from all major pet stores from $5/up for 187g/6.6 oz bag

Treats for Puppies

Puppy biscuits

When we first got the puppy I had a hard time finding treats to use during training sessions that were suitable for puppies. Finally, we found Nutro Natural Choice Puppy Development Biscuits Chicken and Brown Rice Formula. All of Nutro’s food is made in America and state that all their ingredients are tested before they are used as well as a number of checks after their products are made to help ensure a high quality safe product. Unfortunately, I was unable to confirm where they source their products. They’re suitable for puppies 8 pounds and up and contain chicken as the first ingredient as well as fish oil (for the source of DHA).  They also contain whole wheat and oatmeal, an issue if you’re looking to go grain free. nutro close upEach biscuit is  about 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm (stamped with a cute little star) and contain 33 calories but they are easily broken in half or quarters (something we usually do for training to make the treats go further).

Although they do contain wheat, as a treat I don’t mind and she seems to love them. Therefore, we give Nutro Natural Choice Puppy Development Biscuits  cartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bone and a half out of 5. Available at most pet stores for around $5 for a 16 oz (454g)