Review: Gnawsome Dental Ball

gnawsome Most dogs like playing with balls and even more like to chew…the Gnawsome Dental Ball brings the best of both worlds together in this squeaky toy. The ball is made from a plastic that makes the toy slightly softer than a tennis ball but still durable enough to put up with some heavy chewing (unlike tennis balls). It’s covered in spikes and produces a squeak whenever it is chomped on (the squeaker and ball are one so there’s no worry about a “squeaker” falling out and causing an issue). The idea that as your dog plays/chews on it, they are cleaning their teeth at the same time.

As a toy it went over really well with our dog. A bit odd considering she doesn’t normally like to fetch and balls don’t normally hold her attention for very long. She really seemed to enjoy chewing and playing with this ball. As for her teeth…I don’t really think it would do much. I have yet to encounter a toy or treat (other than bones) that are effective for cleaning teeth. In this case, I think that the “spikes” on the ball are too soft to be able to scrap anything off teeth. As a toy it’s not bad but at up to $7 per ball…it might not be worth the money.

Given the cost and the fact it doesn’t do much for the teeth we give this toy

cartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bone out of 5


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