Celebrate Wednesday With An Honest Kitchen and Animal Wellness Magazine Deals

THK-logo-cvSo these two deals came across my inbox the other day and I thought I would share them with everyone.

Honest Kitchen is an American company that produces human grade dehydrated dog food. That means that not only is the food human grade but the manufacturing meets human standards as well. Personally, I haven’t tried their food (yet) but it does sound interesting…if you would like to try it then here is a coupon code that can be used for a sample bundle (the fine print says that it can only be used in the USA (sigh..not helpful for me) and some bundles  may be subject to shipping charges) AWN14.

Animal wellness magazine is one that I just started subscribing to…it has a smattering of articles related to pet ownership and health. The deal is you can get a subscription plus a coupon book for only $19 instead of the usual $24. The code is FF0688.  You can check out a sample copy of the magazine here.


Beware of Dog Biscuits???

The other day, I was doing the preliminary write up about some Canadian made, all human grade dog biscuits I had just bought. As I was writing out the ingredients I realized it contained nutmeg…..this is a big no no for dogs. It can cause hallucinations and has other toxic effects on dogs. Realistically, the biscuits probably contained very little and may not pose a problem for most dogs (especially our 50 pound puppy) but why take the chance with something that everyone says is toxic for dogs? Continue reading

Unusual Cat Products

If you walk the aisles of your local pet store you probably have seen the usual fuzzy mice, toys on a string, catnip…but here are some products you really don’t need but are certainly unusual.


Your family hopefully has an emergency kit and it may even contain some ready to eat meals but have you considered your pet’s needs? Well not to worry! Family Survival Supply has RME foods for your pet….I’m not really sure why kibble or canned food isn’t considered ready to eat.

If your cat loves sleeping in catbedthe sink then why not get them their own ceramic cat bed? This bed by little cat design is contoured to provide “the sink experience kitties love”.

tower Tired of the carpeted monstrosities called cat towers? Not to worry this cat tower from The Refined Feline looks more like a piece of furniture that would fit nicely with many decors.

Speaking of furniture, now there are many creative ways to hide your cat’s litter box including this cabinet by Pet Studio….although you could probably just DIY by cutting a hole in a cabinet.litterbox


Finally, if you’re looking for a new way to amuse your cat why not try the Cataction Magneticat. It has two magnets that repel each other to make the bug dance. magnet

Zoe Lifestyle Dog Treats

he other day I was looking for a new treat for the pup instead of giving her a bully stick or a bone. I found Zoe Lifestyle Dog Treats and decided to give it a try.

 These treats are soy, wheat, gluten, corn, additives/dyes free. They come in puppy, low calorie, and antioxidant varieties. Today, I’m reviewing the low calorie type. These treats claim to have a “dense, chewy texture” that helps to clean teeth. The low calorie variety is only 92 calories per stick and dogs 30-60lbs can have one per day based on the feeding instructions (we never gave our puppy a whole one). She did seem to love it..just as much as her bully stick surprisingly but had a much more pleasant smell than the bully stick (it’s cinnamon spice flavor) and more importantly…resulted in her having nice smelling breath.

These are a nice alternative to other treats and might be a great option for dogs needing to lose a few pounds (but you still want to give them something special).

We give them  cartoon_bone cartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bone

out of 5

Zoe Healthy Lifestyle Dog Treats are available from all major pet stores from $5/up for 187g/6.6 oz bag

Treats for Puppies

Puppy biscuits

When we first got the puppy I had a hard time finding treats to use during training sessions that were suitable for puppies. Finally, we found Nutro Natural Choice Puppy Development Biscuits Chicken and Brown Rice Formula. All of Nutro’s food is made in America and state that all their ingredients are tested before they are used as well as a number of checks after their products are made to help ensure a high quality safe product. Unfortunately, I was unable to confirm where they source their products. They’re suitable for puppies 8 pounds and up and contain chicken as the first ingredient as well as fish oil (for the source of DHA).  They also contain whole wheat and oatmeal, an issue if you’re looking to go grain free. nutro close upEach biscuit is  about 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm (stamped with a cute little star) and contain 33 calories but they are easily broken in half or quarters (something we usually do for training to make the treats go further).

Although they do contain wheat, as a treat I don’t mind and she seems to love them. Therefore, we give Nutro Natural Choice Puppy Development Biscuits  cartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bone and a half out of 5. Available at most pet stores for around $5 for a 16 oz (454g)