Review: Gnawsome Dental Ball

gnawsome Most dogs like playing with balls and even more like to chew…the Gnawsome Dental Ball brings the best of both worlds together in this squeaky toy. Continue reading


Are you prepared?

Photo: aussiegall
Photo: aussiegall

September is pet disaster preparedness month. I believe it’s best to “expect the unexpected” whenever possible. You never know when the weather, an environmental mishap or something else could throw you for a loop.  Therefore, it’s best to have at least some type of emergency kit and plan in place for you and your furry family members. Continue reading

Weekend Project: DIY Dog Bed

Photo: shopdowntowndogs
Photo: shopdowntowndogs

Most people who have a dog will have some type of dog bed. Unfortunately, many of the dog beds on the market aren’t fully washable (because dog drool only stays on the first layer…I don’t think so), are expensive or just don’t last.

But if you have a sewing machine you can easily make a dog bed for less than half the price of the high end ones…even if you’re not great at sewing.

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Zukes Skinny Bakes

zukes skinny bakes

The other day we were looking for a healthy, reasonably priced treat. Zukes skinny baked treats are made in the USA and are advertised as having less than 10 calories a treat with more than 140 treats per bag ($5.99 at Petsmart). They are wheat, soy and corn free and are available in three flavors: peanut butter & banana, berry, and pumpkin & sweet potato. Continue reading

Handmade Dog Collars

It started innocently enough…we were less than impressed with the dog collars that were available in the pet stores where we lived…so we started making collars for our pup. Now we have started our own little business making collars so whether you have a big dog or a little one…if you want some unique handmade collars that will make you (and your dog) the envy of the neighborhood. Please check our our website… C & K Pet Designs or like our Facebook group .We even have pet themed greeting cards. Thanks!

Our inspiration

DSC01030 hulamonkey


Celebrate Wednesday With An Honest Kitchen and Animal Wellness Magazine Deals

THK-logo-cvSo these two deals came across my inbox the other day and I thought I would share them with everyone.

Honest Kitchen is an American company that produces human grade dehydrated dog food. That means that not only is the food human grade but the manufacturing meets human standards as well. Personally, I haven’t tried their food (yet) but it does sound interesting…if you would like to try it then here is a coupon code that can be used for a sample bundle (the fine print says that it can only be used in the USA (sigh..not helpful for me) and some bundles  may be subject to shipping charges) AWN14.

Animal wellness magazine is one that I just started subscribing to…it has a smattering of articles related to pet ownership and health. The deal is you can get a subscription plus a coupon book for only $19 instead of the usual $24. The code is FF0688.  You can check out a sample copy of the magazine here.

Socialization..right or wrong?


Photo: ccho
Photo: ccho

The other day I came across a thread on a dog forum I regularly frequent. It questioned the need for socialization as defined by Ian Dunbar and others. That is, a puppy should meet a 100 people  (20 of them children) by the time the dog is 12 weeks old..aka the end of it’s “socialization period”.  Advocates for this type of socialization argue that without this degree of socialization, you are setting yourself up for an unstable/reactive dog later.

Socialization is emphasized even more for people who own more aloof type breeds (like German Shepherds); after all you don’t want a powerful breed becoming reactive warn the advocates.

Others argue that genetics are more important for a stable temperament and socialization is used to round things off.

Throw in the vets warning about parvo and avoiding basically everything until 16 weeks (when standard vaccinations are done)…missing the all important socialization window.

What is an owner to do?
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Going homemade for felines and fido

Photo: Cupcake Queen
Photo: Cupcake Queen

Many dogs and cats have allergies (ours do) and these are often food related. This combined with a growing trend to go to a more organic/homemade/healthy lifestyle  (now including our furry friends).

Whether you are looking to replace your critter’s kibble or just feel like baking some treats here are some ideas to get you inspired… Continue reading