Amazing Squeaker Ball – Lives Up To Its Name

DSC01652It can be hard to find a new toy for our gal and even harder to find one that keeps here interest for more than one play session. So when I saw this ball I didn’t expect much…much to my surprise it turned out to be a hit. Ivy isn’t obsessed about balls but she loves this one!

The Amazing Squeaker Ball from Caitec features a ball in a ball design. The inner ball has different squeaky noises (hence the name) depending on how it is squeezed. The outer portion has small “nubs” that help it to roll/bounce in unexpected ways…this is what kept Ivy entertained. She never knew how it was going to move or what it would sound like. The outer ball is made from a softer material and should hold up under normal play. However, if you have a particularly heavy chewer or sharp puppy teeth could damage the ball.

It apparently also can float but we didn’t test this out ourselves.

Overall we give the Amazing Squeaker Ball 

cartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_boneout of 5

We found this toy at our local independent pet store for $7.00 CDN


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