Are you prepared?

Photo: aussiegall
Photo: aussiegall

September is pet disaster preparedness month. I believe it’s best to “expect the unexpected” whenever possible. You never know when the weather, an environmental mishap or something else could throw you for a loop.  Therefore, it’s best to have at least some type of emergency kit and plan in place for you and your furry family members. Continue reading


Get Ready…It’s Almost Time…July 15 Blog the Change


Attention all bloggers…the time is almost here. Doing your part for animals in need couldn’t be easier. Blog about an animal cause you care about whether it’s a shelter animal needing a furever home, a petition or a cause that needs a helping hand. Find out more by visiting the Blog the Change website.

Celebrate Wednesday With An Honest Kitchen and Animal Wellness Magazine Deals

THK-logo-cvSo these two deals came across my inbox the other day and I thought I would share them with everyone.

Honest Kitchen is an American company that produces human grade dehydrated dog food. That means that not only is the food human grade but the manufacturing meets human standards as well. Personally, I haven’t tried their food (yet) but it does sound interesting…if you would like to try it then here is a coupon code that can be used for a sample bundle (the fine print says that it can only be used in the USA (sigh..not helpful for me) and some bundles  may be subject to shipping charges) AWN14.

Animal wellness magazine is one that I just started subscribing to…it has a smattering of articles related to pet ownership and health. The deal is you can get a subscription plus a coupon book for only $19 instead of the usual $24. The code is FF0688.  You can check out a sample copy of the magazine here.

Going homemade for felines and fido

Photo: Cupcake Queen
Photo: Cupcake Queen

Many dogs and cats have allergies (ours do) and these are often food related. This combined with a growing trend to go to a more organic/homemade/healthy lifestyle  (now including our furry friends).

Whether you are looking to replace your critter’s kibble or just feel like baking some treats here are some ideas to get you inspired… Continue reading

Animal Babble Ball Review

Photo: Pet Qwerks Inc.
Photo: Pet Qwerks Inc.

Pet Querks Inc., a company started by an American pet owner when his dog’s talking ball stopped working…and decided to make his own better version…and so the Babble Ball was born. Since then it’s been turned into three different sizes for dogs as well as  cat, ferret, and bird versions. You can have a “talking” or animal sounds version. We picked up our animal sounds Babble Ball at Winner’s for $5 but you can also find them in many pet stores as well. Continue reading

Avoid a cat-tastrophe during introductions

Photo: Wheezy Jefferson
Photo: Wheezy Jefferson

Many cats and dogs learn to live with each other if not like each other. Having a proper introduction between the two critters can go a long way to ensuring household piece. Whether you are introducing two members of the same species or different ones, patience and a slow introduction is important. Continue reading

Holiday Fun Part 2

Photo: tuija2005
Photo: tuija2005

Last time I wrote about toys for dogs this holiday season, here are some cat toys your kitty will love…

First is the Crazy Pants Cat Tunnel. If your cats love to hide and slide into tunnels then why not upgrade from paper bag to these fun “pants”.

I like how they are heavier than just a regular plastic tunnel (and therefore should easily survive anything your cat will do to it) and are made from a crinkly material. Crazy-Tunnel-Pants-Super-Catnip Apparently, there’s also catnip embedded in the lining for added kitty fun. Unfortunately, at around $35 these pants aren’t cheap but if you’re looking for a fun splurge then this might do the trick.

If you’re looking for a more active toy then you might want to try something like the Turbo Track or one of the alternatives.  They can have different arrangements and if you really want to spoil your cat you can get more than one and have a really impressive toy. Turbo-Track-Cat-Toy

Finally, if you’re looking for a gift for the animal lover in your life then you might want to consider a gift that gives twice. For example, the Cuddly Cat Rescue has cute silver charms and earrings that help support their rescue efforts while many rescues have calendars, clothing and other items.

Happy Holidays!!