Sunday Round Up

C & K Pet Designs
Photo: C & K Pet Design

If you’re looking to so some shopping and help out a great cause check out C &K Pet Designs, they’re donation a portion of all their sales this month to the Manitoba German Shepherd rescue.



Photo: Uptv
Photo: Uptv

If you’re looking for an amazing dog themed movie be sure to watch Suzie’s Hope. It’s based on a true story about a woman who had been attacked by pitbull yet finds a way to overcome it and rescue an abused pitbull 10 months later. Needless to say it’s a tearjerker. If you want to learn more about Suzie the pitbull and Donna (her rescuer) visit Suzie’s Hope.


Finally, you may have heard of the “cat cafes” in Japan well now if you happen to live or plan to visit Montreal or Vancouver you can visit a cat cafe closer to home…



Why you should consider adopting an older dog

So you decided you’re ready to add a new furry family member…that’s wonderful. But before you start searching for a new puppy here are a few myths and facts about adopting an older animal.

1) MYTH: Older dogs are harder to train

Actually, it’s often the other way around…puppies can be more challenging to train. It’s a bit like trying to teach a toddler v.s school age child there are big differences in their ability to concentrate and understand what is being asked of them. Not to mention that in many cases, older dogs are already housebroken and know basic commands.

2) FACT: Older dogs are great because you already know their size, their temperament, etc.

Unlike young dogs where you only have a rough idea of how big they will become and what their personality is like…older dogs are generally “what you see is what you get”.

3) MYTH: Older dogs will cost more

This is not always the case. While some older dogs may have health issues (any responsible rescue will make potential adopters aware of a dog’s health status and any cost associated with treating these conditions, allowing you to make an informed decision) many do not or they are easily managed. Don’t forget, the first year of owning a puppy can be rather expensive since they require vaccinations and to be spayed/neutered.

4) FACT: Older dogs have to wait longer for their forever homes than young dogs

Even with all the wonderful things an older dog has to offer they still wait on average four times longer to be adopted.

So when you are searching for a new companion…please don’t over look an older dog, they just might be the perfect fit for your family.

(This was originally posted on C & K Pets)

So you’re thinking of getting your first puppy?

Photo: Paul+photos=moody
Photo: Paul+photos=moody

Puppies are cute there’s no question. The real question is are you ready for your first one? I think the answer to this one is the same as having kids…you might think you are but you have no idea what’s in store. We read a lot before you got our puppy but there’s tons of things they don’t tell you about such as you dog might not really know how to play (we actually had to teach our puppy to play rather than just try to bite and shake our pants instead). Your puppy might not be bothered by their collar or leash but they have zero interest in going for a walk….and so on. If this doesn’t deter you then great! The next question is where do you find that cute fuzzy ball of fur? Continue reading