Amazing Squeaker Ball – Lives Up To Its Name

DSC01652It can be hard to find a new toy for our gal and even harder to find one that keeps here interest for more than one play session. So when I saw this ball I didn’t expect much…much to my surprise it turned out to be a hit. Ivy isn’t obsessed about balls but she loves this one!

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Owner of A “Stubborn” Dog?

Not all working dogs want to work... Photo: Centurion
Not all working dogs want to work…
Photo: Centurion

German Shepherds are supposed to be hardworking dogs…if they don’t have a “job” to do they’ll often exhibit problem behaviors…and this is common among many working breeds. Unfortunately, our German Shepherd didn’t get that memo. She’s the closest thing to a couch potato as you will get with a German Shepherd. Unfortunately, this makes things like training particularly difficult.

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Sprong Cat Toy…Bouncy fun for your furry friend


R2P (short for Ready to Play) makes the Sprong line of cat and dog toys. They are velvet like texture and is made of wonderfully bouncy rubber. Today, I will be reviewing the ladybug cat toy. As with all the Sprong cat toys, the ladybug has a cute design, is infused with catnip and bounces very well. Our cat normally does respond to catnip but this toy didn’t seem to have any effect on her in that sense. She did enjoy having us bounce the ladybug so she could chase it. The non round shape of the toy means when it bounces, it does so in an erratic manner…..perfect for keeping a kitty amused and on their toes.  It’s also the perfect size for batting around the floor for solo kitty play. Overall, it was well received by our cat. Sprong cat toys range in price from $6-9 depending on the design and can be found in many major pet stores.

Ball in a Ball

Photo: Kyjen (because I forgot to photograph ours before it was used)

This is another puzzle toy from Kyjen. The Ball in a Ball is exactly that…a tennis ball inside a large (about 6″ in diameter) rubber ball. The idea is to have the dog try and remove the tennis ball from the larger one. It would require a bit off effort but is certainly not nearly as impossible as other puzzle toys I have come across. In usual style, our dog couldn’t be bothered to work out how to remove the tennis ball but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not a great toy. Continue reading

Hedgehog anyone?

We have a lot of Kyjen toys around here. It wasn’t intentional….I don’t care about the brand names when I buy toys…but they do make some interesting toys. One of the first toys I had bought the puppy was a grunting hedgehog. Our puppy loved to bite and suck on it’s nose and feet but unfortunately, it was becoming worse for wear so we recently picked up a Kyjen Egg Babies hedgehog. Continue reading

Treat Pod Review

We have quite a collection of treat dispensing toys (and not just for the dog) but I’m always on the lookout for new ones. So when I saw the JW Pet Company’s Treat Pod toy at a local pet store I thought we should give it a try. It has three soft plastic shapes on a rope; as with any treat toy the idea is to place treats inside the toy (or peanut butter but personally I think that would be incredibly messy) and as the dog plays with the toy treats fall out. Great in theory….treatnplayunless you put the treats in the blue part, they would never fall out (and even they it wasn’t easy…not good if you have a lazy gal like us).  The pods are pretty tight and probably would require A LOT of hard play to get the treats out in the other sections. As a regular toy, it was just ok. It wasn’t her favorite but (unlike some people I have heard of) it also didn’t fall apart during play. Overall, I would say to put this at the bottom of the toy shopping list.

We give Treat pod  cartoon_bonecartoon_bone  out of 5.  The Treat Pod is available at most pet stores for about $14.50

Treatstik Review…for your pet’s fun and health

I’m always on the hunt for a new treat dispensing toy. The Treatstik is a great toy made in the USA from heavy duty nylon (it’s not toxic).  You remove the screw cap and insert kibble, treats, veggies etc. You can adjust the difficulty by changing the size of the treat. The idea is simple, as your dog plays with the toy…treats fall out. This toy kept even our lazy puppy interested (if it’s too hard she usually gives up).  We also discovered that it’s great to slow down her eating…normally she just gobbles up her food but by placing some in the Treatstik it forces her to slow down. The makers of this toy also say it’s good to help dogs lose weight.  Our puppy really seemed to enjoy this toy and more importantly it appears to be able to hold up to her occasional mouthing. Although it’s not intended as an actual chew toy…the makers of the Treatstik do state that it can hold up to even heavy chewers. It is dishwasher safe and comes in small (6″ long or 1/2 cup) and large (9.75″ or 1.5 cups). It’s available in pink, green, orange, and blue for $12.99/15.99. We give the Treatstik cartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bone out of 5