Holiday Fun Part 2

Photo: tuija2005
Photo: tuija2005

Last time I wrote about toys for dogs this holiday season, here are some cat toys your kitty will love…

First is the Crazy Pants Cat Tunnel. If your cats love to hide and slide into tunnels then why not upgrade from paper bag to these fun “pants”.

I like how they are heavier than just a regular plastic tunnel (and therefore should easily survive anything your cat will do to it) and are made from a crinkly material. Crazy-Tunnel-Pants-Super-Catnip Apparently, there’s also catnip embedded in the lining for added kitty fun. Unfortunately, at around $35 these pants aren’t cheap but if you’re looking for a fun splurge then this might do the trick.

If you’re looking for a more active toy then you might want to try something like the Turbo Track or one of the alternatives.  They can have different arrangements and if you really want to spoil your cat you can get more than one and have a really impressive toy. Turbo-Track-Cat-Toy

Finally, if you’re looking for a gift for the animal lover in your life then you might want to consider a gift that gives twice. For example, the Cuddly Cat Rescue has cute silver charms and earrings that help support their rescue efforts while many rescues have calendars, clothing and other items.

Happy Holidays!!




Beware of Dog Biscuits???

The other day, I was doing the preliminary write up about some Canadian made, all human grade dog biscuits I had just bought. As I was writing out the ingredients I realized it contained nutmeg…..this is a big no no for dogs. It can cause hallucinations and has other toxic effects on dogs. Realistically, the biscuits probably contained very little and may not pose a problem for most dogs (especially our 50 pound puppy) but why take the chance with something that everyone says is toxic for dogs? Continue reading

Unusual Cat Products

If you walk the aisles of your local pet store you probably have seen the usual fuzzy mice, toys on a string, catnip…but here are some products you really don’t need but are certainly unusual.


Your family hopefully has an emergency kit and it may even contain some ready to eat meals but have you considered your pet’s needs? Well not to worry! Family Survival Supply has RME foods for your pet….I’m not really sure why kibble or canned food isn’t considered ready to eat.

If your cat loves sleeping in catbedthe sink then why not get them their own ceramic cat bed? This bed by little cat design is contoured to provide “the sink experience kitties love”.

tower Tired of the carpeted monstrosities called cat towers? Not to worry this cat tower from The Refined Feline looks more like a piece of furniture that would fit nicely with many decors.

Speaking of furniture, now there are many creative ways to hide your cat’s litter box including this cabinet by Pet Studio….although you could probably just DIY by cutting a hole in a cabinet.litterbox


Finally, if you’re looking for a new way to amuse your cat why not try the Cataction Magneticat. It has two magnets that repel each other to make the bug dance. magnet

Top 7 things a new dog owner should have

Photo: eastick_east
Photo: eastick_east

Everyone knows the basics a dog needs to have …leash..bowls…crate…but here’s a list of things that will make your life easier, your dog’s life happier and well are just plain cool. In no particular order

  1. Antlers: these are naturally shed and cleaned up to make the best thing you can buy your dog if they are teething or heavy chewers. Assuming you buy the appropriate size, they won’t shatter/break like regular bones or raw ides.  It may take a couple of introductions but soon your dog will be gnawing at them endlessly
  2. Dog Mats: Whether you opt for the Dirty Dog Mat or one of the other brands on the market it will make rainy messy days much much easier. They absorb tons of water and dirt….keeping the rest of your home cleaner and your dog that much drier
  3. If you have a teething puppy, either a frozen wet cloth or for something a bit fancier….there are several teething sticks you can freeze.
  4. Treat dispensing toys will keep your dog busy and a busy dog stays out of trouble
  5. Bullysticks they are totally digestible (unlike rawhides), and will last most dogs a long time
  6. Car harness or other restraint. Dogs (even little ones) that are allowed run loose can be a serious distraction. Not to mention they could cause injury or be injured in a crash.
  7. Tropiclean Fresh Breeze Cleaner. Really, you only need an enzyme cleaner to help reduce odors and deal with any accidents. I just like this one because it smells really nice.

What would you add to this list?