Review of Light of the Dog Online Class


A few months ago I wrote about the alternatives to standard in person obedience classes….including the online class offered by Light of the Dog. Since that post, I have enrolled in two of their classes and here is review of the basic obedience class.Light of the Dog is the online extension of Love My Dog Training. It’s run by Sue Brown and her husband Ed Soehel. Sue has a number of certifications including certified dog behavior consultant, has in person classes (if you happen to be in Colorado) and has written several books on the subject. On her website Sue states that she believes in using positive reinforcement and does not use harsh corrections when training dogs.

Basic Obedience Class

This class is perfect for puppy parents or for someone who needs help with the basics. For $20 USD you receive access for 30 days to 26 video clips as well as an ebook of handouts that accompany each lesson.

Lessons cover everything from housebreaking, crate training, and nipping to more advance skills such as leash manners, impulse control, and recall.

The videos are snippets of actual group classes…I liked this because it showed the trainers working with “real dogs” rather than just their own demo dog.

The handout did have many useful suggestions and did address some of the problems encountered by dog parents when training dogs. I did wish it covered leash manners in more detail. For example, they state you should reward your dog for looking at you but what do you do if the minutes go by and they still don’t look? Or they state that allowing your dog to pull even once will cause setbacks in training but when you have an 80 lbs dog? It can be hard to prevent them from pulling…

Overall, this class offers good value for money and is good option if your dog isn’t challenging to train.


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