Zukes Skinny Bakes

zukes skinny bakes

The other day we were looking for a healthy, reasonably priced treat. Zukes skinny baked treats are made in the USA and are advertised as having less than 10 calories a treat with more than 140 treats per bag ($5.99 at Petsmart). They are wheat, soy and corn free and are available in three flavors: peanut butter & banana, berry, and pumpkin & sweet potato. We decided to try the berry flavor (contains cherry, cranberries, and blueberries).

The treats are just over 1″ long and about 1/2″ wide….Perfect for a medium to large sized dog. Although not as strong as Fruitables, they do smell like berries. The dog seems to like them (although not as much as her dehydrated chicken or beef treats).

These biscuits are also a good option for dogs needing to lose a little weight or as regular treat for larger dogs. We give these treats

cartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bone  and a half out of five.



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