Owner of A “Stubborn” Dog?

Not all working dogs want to work... Photo: Centurion
Not all working dogs want to work…
Photo: Centurion

German Shepherds are supposed to be hardworking dogs…if they don’t have a “job” to do they’ll often exhibit problem behaviors…and this is common among many working breeds. Unfortunately, our German Shepherd didn’t get that memo. She’s the closest thing to a couch potato as you will get with a German Shepherd. Unfortunately, this makes things like training particularly difficult.

If you’re like us and have an independent, unmotivated, or non-biddable dog (regardless of their breed) then this book might be of interest to you.


When Pigs Fly – Training Success with Impossible Dogs by Jane Killion starts by describing how to notice what motivates your dog (all dogs are motivated by something…its just not always what we hoped or wanted them to be) and use that as tool to encourage your dog to do the behaviors you want instead of the ones you don’t want.

It also covers how to play with your dog. This might sound funny but play is a good way to reinforce the bond with your dog (especially important if you have an independent dog) as well as eventually work in things that will become useful later when you start to train your dog.

I particularly liked how the author shared stories of her “impossible” dogs and how she worked to overcome their particular quirks to become impressively well trained dogs.

This book is worth picking up if you feel frustrated with your dog’s training progress and are looking for a way to encourage your dog to learn and work for you (whether that’s running through an agility course or just sitting when asked).

When Pigs Fly – Training Success With Impossible Dogs is available from Dogwise.com for $9.49 (e-book).


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