Hey, Teacher! Leave Those Dogs Alone!

This is an interesting post…while our puppy kindergarten trainer didn’t use our dog for demo purposes for the whole class she did take the leash from us to show us how to get our dog to heel “properly”. Yanking someone’s dog around in order to “teach” them seems a bit backward not to mention not fun for the dogs.

The Science Dog

It is a fairly common practice among dog trainers who teach group classes to “borrow” one of their student’s dogs to demonstrate a training technique or learning concept. Opinions of this practice vary. Proponents say that it helps owners to observe their own dog being handled by an instructor or responding to someone else, while opponents argue that it can appear as instructor grandstanding, may embarrass the owner, and can confuse or even frighten the dog.  First, make note that this is not an issue that I feel so strongly about that I would march on Washington about it or wear a sandwich board in protest on a busy street corner. (Although I can come up with a few catchy sign phrases, were I so inclined).

funny-political-signs-13“Hey Teacher! Leave Those Dogs Alone!”

However, I do place myself firmly in the “don’t take my students’ dogs to demo” camp. My reasons are not as much to…

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