Animal Babble Ball Review

Photo: Pet Qwerks Inc.
Photo: Pet Qwerks Inc.

Pet Querks Inc., a company started by an American pet owner when his dog’s talking ball stopped working…and decided to make his own better version…and so the Babble Ball was born. Since then it’s been turned into three different sizes for dogs as well as  cat, ferret, and bird versions. You can have a “talking” or animal sounds version. We picked up our animal sounds Babble Ball at Winner’s for $5 but you can also find them in many pet stores as well. This red and yellow plastic ball is made of durable high impact plastic and are activated by vibrations to encourages your pet’s curiosity. I can’t recommend this toy more. Isis tends not to play by herself so it was nice to find a toy she would play with enthusiastically for more than 5 minutes.

It’s made well enough to handle even her rough play without showing any wear and tear (but of course it’s not a chew toy). It has 20 different animal sounds and although after awhile the noise can be a bit much it’s worth it to see our gal so excited.

It does feature an auto off but loud steps and other vibration inducing activity can accidentally set it off again so you should remember to keep the plastic pull that came with the toy or retire it to a secure location if you need some piece. You can check out what it sounds like here Animal Babble Ball Sounds.

Overall we give the Babble Ball

out of 5 cartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bone



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