The Sticks Fetch Toy- Alternative to the real thing?


Does your dog love to play fetch? Isis started to warm up to the idea so we decided to get her a “Stick” dog toy; an alternative to real wood sticks that can splinter and break (and even harm your dog’s mouth). They are made by DOOG (Dog Owner’s Outdoor Gear), and feature recycle materials and are supposed to float in water.

Photo: DOOG
Photo: DOOG

Personally, I like the variety of entertaining faces that are available. They are lightweight and feature a grip to make throwing easier. Unfortunately, this was not a hit with Isis; within minutes we had to “amputate” the stick’s arms. The maker’s of this toy do warn that it’s not intended as a chew toy but without much effort (or serious intention) the arms started coming away from the toy (necessitating the toy’s “surgery”). Also, even though Isis is a fairly large dog, the toy seemed a too long (yet too thin) for her to really enjoy. Perhaps, if you have a very enthusiastic fetcher in the home this could be a good toy for you.

Otherwise I would recommend Bionic Pet Toy’s Urban Stick instead. It’s a bit shorter, is significantly thicker and is also designed to be a fetch toy. More importantly, it is also designed to be chewed; an important aspect if you have a serious chewer in the home. Or Isis’s favorite, Hyper Pet Dura Squeak…I’ll review this one in a bit more detail but suffice it to say it can withstand chewing, has a textured surface, can float, squeaks and also bounces (something that really excites our dog).

Ultimately whether or not the Stick is right for your dog really depends on how rough they are with toys because as much as I liked the face, it’s not as durable as we had hoped and this makes it harder to recommend. Therefore, we only give it


cartoon_bone  out of 5


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