Fact or Fiction?

Big Scary German Shepherd? Not so much...Photo: Joe Nicora
Big Scary German Shepherd? Not so much…Photo: Joe Nicora


I came across this description of the German Shepherd breed and it made me think about how many stereotypes about dogs are out there (and what is really true)….and to be fair to the website…it’s not the first time I’ve read these types of comments.

I think our gal tends to break some of those stereotypes (for better or worse). She borders on being a couch potato by choice (I don’t know how many times  when she was young that we had to pry her off the step go for a walk..she would have been perfectly content to just watch the world go by), requires daily grooming, isn’t particularly affectionate (although considered where she started…there’s been an improvement) and left to her own devices would stay outside in the cold.

As expected she’s a bit hesitant to meet people but is friendly (most of the time) compared to other GSDs. Although these breed guides can be helpful as a starting point..I think more emphasis on individual personality and the effect good training…needs to be made.

What do you think? Does your dog live up to the expectations of their breed or (within reason) do you think “standard” personalities are just made up?



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