Three Dog Bakery Cookies-A mixed bag

creamAfter a brief hiatus we are back…and here to review Three Dog Bakery‘s classic creames dog cookies. They are an American company that was started in 1989 and was the first dog bakery in the world (according to their website). They have stores across the US, in B.C and Nova Scotia and even Hong Kong. If you don’t happen to live near one of their bakeries not to worry, you can find their products in MANY of the larger pet stores. I bought a box of their carob-vanilla flavored cookies at my local Pet Valu for around $8.

I like the fact it contains natural ingredients that sounds just like human cookies (rather than some bizarre concoction of things I can’t even begin to guess what they are) and they are made in the USA.  The cookies look just like Oreos except they are made with carob. Our gal just loves these cookies, unfortunately due to their high fat content (something she doesn’t tolerate well); 18% to be exact, she can only have a small amount….if you have a small dog you probably wouldn’t want to give them the whole cookie either.

And I have a confession to make…I tried a teeny bit of it as well…and this human thought they weren’t bad (although I am NOT recommending people start eating them…officially they aren’t listed as human grade).

The downside is they have a fair bit of sugar: cane sugar (second ingredient), dextrose (third), and corn syrup (fifth) as well as partially hydrogenated oil (this can lead to trans fats in human food…). Personally, I don’t think dogs need that much sugar. Therefore, we only give our dog this cookie as a special treat once and a while (unlike some of her other cookies she gets nearly every day).

Overall we give the Three Dog Bakery Classic Creames Cookies



cartoon_bone  and a half out of 5


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