New Years = Fireworks…how did your pet do?

Happy New Year! Photo: Camera Slayer
Happy New Year! Photo: Camera Slayer

New years eve can mean parties, drinking, or just spending good times with friends. Inevitably it also means fireworks..and for your furry friend it can be a scary time.

Here are some tips from the RSPCA on how to keep your pets safe and help them deal with fireworks.

1) Allow your pet to hide if they want to and if necessary give them access to a safe area they can hide (eg. under a piece of furniture).

2) Make sure you pets cannot escape outside when the fireworks are going off and try to avoid taking your dog outside when you expect the fireworks to be set off. It is also a good idea to ensure your pet is microchipped/tattooed in case they do manage to get out.

I saw a sad case where a couple had just brought home their new dog from the shelter when someone set off some fireworks in their neighborhood. The poor dog managed to slip out of their collar and was hit by a car. This is probably a rare case but you can never be to careful with an animal that is frightened of fireworks.

3) Never punish/fuss over your pet for reacting to fireworks. (ok I admit we don’t completely do this one we just tell the dog it’s ok and sometimes we’ll distract her…oddly enough the cat generally isn’t bothered by fireworks).

4) You might want to consider playing music to help drown out the fireworks.

I found that if your dog isn’t extremely afraid of them you can try playing their favorite game to help distract them (also works for thunder). If your pet is very bothered by fireworks you may consider using calming pheromones, a Thundershirt (for dogs), or some suggest that using desensitizing CDs (there are several different ones on the market) it can help to acclimatize them to the sounds.

Now that the new year is upon us have you made any new years resolutions?

I have read a few articles suggesting that pet parents make some for themselves and their pets…here are a few ideas that might inspire your own resolutions…


6 thoughts on “New Years = Fireworks…how did your pet do?

  1. Great tips!

    Out of all the things Riley is scared of, things like thunder/fireworks have thankfully, not made it on the list. I think it’s because while he was a puppy there was a ton of construction going on at the back of the house so he became somewhat desensitized.

      1. He’s calmed down quite a bit but I’d say the puppy-brain is still lingering lol. How about your puppy? I think around 7-10 months was when Riley started to develope more focus and understanding.

      2. Oops sorry for the late response. Isis is a smart gal but in terms of her “milestones” she always seem to be behind then one day wake up and suddenly change…we are just starting to see an improvement but hopefully with a new trainer we’ll have a bit more success motivating her lol

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