Book Review: Play with your dog by Pat Miller


Maybe you have a dog that doesn’t know how to play (some rescue dogs have this issue), maybe you would like extra ideas for how to play with your dog, or maybe you just want to understand how dogs play. Play with your dog covers all these topics and more. Pat Miller goes through the value of playing with your dog (it’s more than just having fun) and more importantly this isn’t limited to playing fetch. Pat Miller explores the different play styles of dogs (ours is apparently a body slammer/chaser) as well as common behaviors during play (it’s not just “puppy bows”). I really appreciated the different game ideas…it can be hard to keep a GSD entertained! She also discusses how to start a dog who may not know how to play…on the road to fun and games. Overall, I recommend this book to your average dog owner to give them deeper understanding of their dog’s behavior.

It’s available from $9.49 for the E-book version.


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