It doesn’t work for weightloss so why do we think it works for dogs?

photo: cdk
photo: cdk

Most of us by now realize that programs that claim to help you lose weight in 7 days at best doesn’t work and at worst can be harmful.

So what does this have to do with dogs?There are lots of books out on the market that promise you can “fix” your dog in a week/month/etc.  And in a few rare instances that may be true but for the average pet owner (or more importantly the well meaning first time dog owner)…this is often not the case.

The age of the dog, how long the behavior has been going on, etc. can all impact how long it will take to change. Think of the last time you tried to change your own behavior…I bet it didn’t happen overnight.

BUT that’s ok! What is not alright is to encourage the myth that if your dog problems aren’t solved instantly you are a failure….instead of spreading the message that consistency and persistence are the key.

When we first got our puppy, we had issues with nipping (who doesn’t?). Everyone we talked to told us it needed to be fixed right away and if we tried something and it didn’t stop it (ie. completely) then we were doing something wrong. Finally, when she got older (and stopped cutting teeth) we made good progress. Guess what we learned…yes you should certainly do something to indicate you don’t like that behavior but you’re dog may take months before they truly get the message.

So go ahead and read those training books..but don’t feel bad if it takes longer than promised.


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