Killer Kitty Photos: 5 Tips To Help You Purrrfect Pics

Have you seen those cute kitty photos and thought I can do that…how hard can it be to take a photo of an animal that spends so many hours sleeping right? Well if you’re like me, your still trying to capture a photo that doesn’t make your cat look like a maniac or a lump of fur. Here are some tips I found can help you snap an awesome photo…

1) Have an Assistant

Photo: Boston Library
Photo: Boston Public Library

If you are looking to have a contest worthy photo or to increases your chances of capturing something assistance can really make a difference. They can pose a sleepy cat or play with them for a great action shot…allowing you to focus on actually taking the photo

2) Toys Toys Toys

Speaking of action shots…cats playing and leaping are great sources of captivating photos. Props are also another great option

Photo: Flickr

3) Macro

Macro (aka close up) shots are a good option when photographing cats…they tend to be a great way to hold a viewer’s interest

4) Don’t forget to turn off the flash

There’s nothing worse then having your pet in a great pose and it being ruined because you forgot to turn the flash off. Unless you looking for a creepy “devil” photo of cat of course

5) Play the waiting game

If you have an overly shy or aloof cat its best not to try to rush the photo session. Take your time, let them check out your equipment, try getting down on their level. Treats might also help. Alternatively, let them be themselves and get ready to whip out a camera (not hard nowadays since almost everything comes with a camera in it)…you might just capture a great moment


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