Kyjen Tail Teaser Review

tail teaser

Flirt poles can be a great way to drain energy from your dog relatively quickly compared to other toys/methods (rather like a cat teaser). It can also help you to teach your dog to use their prey drive in an acceptable manner. We waited until our pup was 5 months old before introducing the toy (we wanted to have started working on leave it and her to get over her need to shake our pant legs). The Kyjen tail teaser has a long flexible pole with a furry creature…that squeaks and rattles…on the end. Kyjen claims that this toy is great for dogs of all ages/abilities because the owners can control how challenging the game is.

Our dog really took to this toy. She loves to chase it and when she does manage to catch it she lies down and just chews on it a bit before the game starts all over. The tail teaser does seem fairly sturdy, however I wouldn’t use this as a tug of war toy (ie. don’t try and pull it away from your dog) or let them chew on it endlessly. Our puppy (who still has some baby teeth) destroyed the first teaser in about two weeks of play frequent use. Fortunately, it does come with a spare “tail” in case your dog is like ours and does manage to mangle the first one (you can also buy replacements).  It sells for around $16 and is available at any major pet store.

We gave the Kyjen Tail Teaser cartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bone out of 5


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