Beware of Dog Biscuits???

The other day, I was doing the preliminary write up about some Canadian made, all human grade dog biscuits I had just bought. As I was writing out the ingredients I realized it contained nutmeg…..this is a big no no for dogs. It can cause hallucinations and has other toxic effects on dogs. Realistically, the biscuits probably contained very little and may not pose a problem for most dogs (especially our 50 pound puppy) but why take the chance with something that everyone says is toxic for dogs?

Photo: AleshaV Sure they look innocent enough.
Photo: AleshaV
Sure they look innocent enough.

The most maddening part is the fact I had just returned another package of dog biscuits because it contained garlic (at least that ingredient has mixed opinions…some says it’s no big deal while others say it’s not good for dogs).

I typically do read labels and find out where products are made before feeding them to our pets…but I don’t think I should have to worry about treats made in North America containing ingredients that might harm our pets.

That’s just my two cents and I would encourage everyone to read labels carefully before feeding your pets.




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