Sprong Cat Toy…Bouncy fun for your furry friend


R2P (short for Ready to Play) makes the Sprong line of cat and dog toys. They are velvet like texture and is made of wonderfully bouncy rubber. Today, I will be reviewing the ladybug cat toy. As with all the Sprong cat toys, the ladybug has a cute design, is infused with catnip and bounces very well. Our cat normally does respond to catnip but this toy didn’t seem to have any effect on her in that sense. She did enjoy having us bounce the ladybug so she could chase it. The non round shape of the toy means when it bounces, it does so in an erratic manner…..perfect for keeping a kitty amused and on their toes.  It’s also the perfect size for batting around the floor for solo kitty play. Overall, it was well received by our cat. Sprong cat toys range in price from $6-9 depending on the design and can be found in many major pet stores.


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