Hedgehog anyone?

We have a lot of Kyjen toys around here. It wasn’t intentional….I don’t care about the brand names when I buy toys…but they do make some interesting toys. One of the first toys I had bought the puppy was a grunting hedgehog. Our puppy loved to bite and suck on it’s nose and feet but unfortunately, it was becoming worse for wear so we recently picked up a Kyjen Egg Babies hedgehog. eggbaby

It contains three squeaking “eggs” that can be removed by the dog from a hole in the hedgehog’s belly. It’s designed for dogs that love to retrieve work at getting the eggs out. It can also be used a conventional squeaking toy. Our puppy didn’t care to try and get the eggs out but she did enjoy biting it and carrying it around. We were able to get her to fetch the eggs once they were removed from the toy.  It has a reinforced body and comes with two replacement eggs so this toy should survive even the roughest play for a long time. I think the hedgehog was quite cute but if they aren’t to your liking then not to worry, the Egg Babies line does include everything from a platypus to a fish. We give Egg  cartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bone out of 5. You can buy egg babies from Kyjen directly or at most pet stores for around $14.


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