It’s in the mail…

Photo: .girl ferment.
Photo: .girl ferment.

I’m a bit like Mr. Bean. By that, I mean the scene in the xmas episode where he sends himself letters and is super excited to see them arrive. I always thought shopping online was a bit like that…you know it’s coming and what you’ve bought…but it’s still a bit exciting to wait for it to arrive. And that’s why I find monthly subscriptions for pet stuff so exciting. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds at the moment for a proper review (but if anyone wants to send me one to review haha) so I have found a few good compilations of some of the companies currently out there.

Subscription box talk covers most of the options out there.
Canadian Subscription Box Addict reviews BarkBox
And finally, You Did What With Your Weiner has a handy comparison chart (also…great title for a blog)


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