Cat Problems….

Photo: @Doug88888
Photo: @Doug88888

Cats are cute, cuddly and their antics can provide their owners with some great entertainment. Unfortunately, they can also have behavioral issues…unlike with dogs…usually this is something people just put up with. But is that necessary?
Here’s a few ideas to deal with common kitty issues that might be a problem in your house.


Cats scratch to spread their scent, to stretch, and to remove the dead layer on the nails. This can be an issue when they start scratching your nice furniture. So how to get them to stop. First, don’t bother disciplining them directly…they’re smart and they’ll just do it when you aren’t around. It’s better to use something they won’t associate with you (eg. noise) as well as teaching them where they SHOULD scratch. Notice what types of textures, locations and orientation (ie. vertical/horizontal) they prefer. Then provide options that closely match their preferences.  Next, cover forbidden objects with bad smelling spray (eg. No-Scratch spray) or double sided tape.  Finally, trim your cats nails or apply caps (eg. soft paw caps note they need to be replaced every 4-6wks as they grow out) to minimize the damage while you are in the process of retaining them.


This article provides some great info about litterbox issues, the reasons behind them and more importantly solutions.

Aggression Towards People

This can be caused by a variety of reasons. First, young cats often play in a rough manner. This can be made worse if owners allow cats to chase/bite hands or feet while playing with them. Instead, owners should provide their kitty with several toys and rotate them to keep them interested. As a last resort, a squirt bottle or noise making device can help to deter the cat from playing so roughly.

Other cats will bite when being petted or handled. Cats usually give warning before biting (tail/ear flicking, restlessness) so it’s best to heed their warnings and give them some space.

Cats that are fear aggressive or have no obvious reasons for biting may require professional help to resolve.  Of course any cat that has a change in behavior such as starting to bite, should be taken to the vet to rule out any medical causes.


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