Treats for Puppies

Puppy biscuits

When we first got the puppy I had a hard time finding treats to use during training sessions that were suitable for puppies. Finally, we found Nutro Natural Choice Puppy Development Biscuits Chicken and Brown Rice Formula. All of Nutro’s food is made in America and state that all their ingredients are tested before they are used as well as a number of checks after their products are made to help ensure a high quality safe product. Unfortunately, I was unable to confirm where they source their products. They’re suitable for puppies 8 pounds and up and contain chicken as the first ingredient as well as fish oil (for the source of DHA).  They also contain whole wheat and oatmeal, an issue if you’re looking to go grain free. nutro close upEach biscuit is  about 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm (stamped with a cute little star) and contain 33 calories but they are easily broken in half or quarters (something we usually do for training to make the treats go further).

Although they do contain wheat, as a treat I don’t mind and she seems to love them. Therefore, we give Nutro Natural Choice Puppy Development Biscuits  cartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bone and a half out of 5. Available at most pet stores for around $5 for a 16 oz (454g)


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