Teething Stick for Dogs

It’s a well known fact that puppies chew…and there’s lots of solutions to the teething problem. One chew toy we tried is the Petstages Dog Cool Teething Stick. You wet the stick and pop it into the freezer to make it cool and slightly hard. It’s a nice alternative to ice cubes (also very popular around here). The teething stick comes in regular and mini (I accidentally bought the mini and it’s too small for any dog over 15 pounds….so the cat got to play with that one).  Our pup really loved it when she was young she’d chomp on it long after it defrosted…the novelty has worn off a bit now but she still will chew on it for a bit. This toy was so popular with the puppy, I wish I had of picked up their other version, the Puppy Cool Teether.

We removed the ribbons at the end because they wouldn't have lasted long in our house.
We removed the ribbons at the end because it would have been gnawed off in no time.

Overall, I highly recommend this toy…just be sure to buy the right size for your puppy. The Petstages Cool Dog Teething Stick is listed for around $8.50 depending on the pet store.


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