Twist ‘N Treat Dispensing Toy

twistntreat I picked this toy up on sale at a big pet box store. It’s meant for dogs but (given the fact the cat uses her nose like a dog) we intended this for the cat. The Busy Buddy Twist ‘N Treat is available in sizes ranging from extra small (dogs under 10 pounds) to extra large (dogs over 50 pounds). We bought the small version. It features the ability to twist the two halves of this toy to adjust how easily the treats will fall out or to take apart for cleaning and is even top rack dishwasher safe (a big plus since so many toys can’t be easily cleaned). twistntreat2The packaging indicates that the toy can be used with smearing treats (eg. peanut butter) or kibble type treats.

For the cat, we just popped some kibble inside and adjusted the size so it was easy enough to keep her interest but not too easy she’d be done in two minutes. The kibble would almost fly out when she played with it making when and where the kibble would appear almost random (unlike her food ball that would dispense treats almost predictably…great at slowing her eating down but wasn’t a truly “interesting” thing).  Our cat seemed to enjoy playing with this toy and I would imagine a dog would as well. The only issue with dogs is if they chew on the toy. The toy really isn’t designed to be chewed and I don’t think this toy would hold up well to it either(although like this should only be used with supervision). Therefore, I would recommend this toy for cats (if they’re fairly active and a bit “dog like”) or in the case of dogs…non heavy chewers. Busy Buddy Twist ‘N Treat starts at $7.00.


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