Fresher Breath For Your Dog?

When puppies are teething they have a funny smell to their breath. Some say it smells like bad fish but personally I think it smells a bit like old nachos. In any case, it’s not a great smell. So when we saw Tropiclean’s Liquid Floss it was worth a try.

This product is designed to be sprayed on toys (preferably rope type toys) and in theory as the dog is chewing on the toy, the spray will be worked on to their teeth. The product makers claim that this will help to reduce tartar building and give your dog fresher smelling breath. It’s ingredients include: chlorophyllin (a derivative of chlorophyll that has odor reducing properties), plant-derived alcohol, cetylpyridinium chloride (an antiseptic and plaque preventing ingredient often found in mouthwash) , and green tea leaf extract. We sprayed this toy and gave it to the pup. She didn’t seem to appreciate the minty smell and only chewed on the toy a few times (this is a puppy that likes bitter apple spray). We tried again on a different toy and she tried licking and chewing on it a bit more. Personally, I like the smell of the Liquid Floss but I don’t think it did much to improve her breath. I’m also not sure this product would replace brushing (or bone chewing). However, Tropiclean does make both a toothpaste (well gel to be specific) and foam so we might give those a try instead. Tropiclean Liquid Floss is available for around $11.99.

We also tried Yip Yap Breath Mints for dogs. These mints are rather cute, shaped like small bones and are packaged into a tin just like human mints. They are to be given to your dog as a treat. yipyap They are supposed to give your dog good breath and contain ingredients such as: dextrose, liver, rosemary, parsley and green tea extract. We gave one to our puppy and she gobbled it up without hesitation. The “mints” aren’t actually minty but have ingredients designed to neutralize the bad breath. It seemed to work for a short time…her breath didn’t seem to smell at all. Having said that, I think I would give these a pass as well. $5 for 12 “mints” is rather expensive in my opinion. Also, it doesn’t seem to work for everyone’s dog so $5 could be an expensive gamble.


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