Summer Reading Part Two…Training and Behavior

Photo: kke227
Photo: kke227

Last time I talked about books that can help you to entertain your pets…today I’ll be looking at some books to help you train and understand your dog’s behavior better.

There are two ebooks I really found helpful from Andrea Lambeth-Dugan (infinite journey dog training). I was searching for some good online training videos or books when I came across her website. I like the fact she incorporates an understanding of the environment (ie. what could be influencing/distracting your dog) into her training. The first ebook I read was the The Cycle of Dog Training. It covers why other methods may not work (eg. lure training)and how to ensure a command is “proofed” so your dog will respond to it anywhere and includes a sample 5 week training program for your dog.

Since I am interested in tracking but didn’t really know where to start, I also bought her ebook Sniff, Sniff, Found It! (TD/ TDX Training). It has good explainations of how to consider the weather/environment/etc when tracking, how to actually begin training your dog to track, how to keep good training notes, how to lay a track and more. In my opinion, this is a great read for anyone who is new to tracking. Both ebooks are available on her website ($7.50 and $6.50 respectively).

Chill Out Fido: How to Calm Your Dog is by Nan Arthur and examines some of the causes and solutions to help your dog if they’re prone to bouncing off the walls. This book includes some training exercises you can do with your dog to help teach and reward them for being calm…especially in challenging situations. I haven’t been able to try the exercises out yet but they are clearly described and (to me anyway) make sense. Available from for $9.49 USD for the ebook.

This one surprised me a bit. Normally, I find the “For Dummies” books are just okay. I was pleasently surprised when I picked up Dog Training for Dummies. It’s written by Jack and Wendy Volhard (they have been training for over 30 years) and covers training puppies, basic commands, an introduction to more advanced training and titles you can pursue with your dog. I found it interesting it also had a quiz to determine the “personality” (it’s actually based on their drives etc) and how it can impact your training. It’s worth taking a look at if you are a new dog or puppy owner. List price is $21.99USD/25.99 CDN.


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