Homemade Fun For Dogs

I’ve posted a lot lately about different toys and things you can buy for your dogs and while I did pick up some new stuff I will likely share in the future…I thought it would also be good to share some home made fun and activities you might want to try with your critter this summer.

We’ve made puzzle toys out of sturdy Tupperware containers and treats hidden inside or with peanut butter smeared on the bottom of an overturned food bowl (that kept the dog busy for ages trying to figure out how to flip the dish).  We’ve also tried playing where’s the treat with over turned plastic cups.

Here are a few more ideas:

Make your own frozen treats to keep the dogs cool this summer.

I can’t wait to try this muffin tin puzzle game.

For those hot summer days, a hard plastic kiddie pool can be a great way for the dog to cool off. You can also put treats in the pool for the dog to try and fish out. Alternatively, you could fill the pool with plastic balls (like the kind that are found in ball pits) or balls of newspaper instead of water and let the dog dig and hunt for treats (of course you will want to supervise them to ensure the dog doesn’t start chewing on the balls).

Finally, if you feel like baking why not made a few dog treats while your at it? Here are some recipes to help you get inspired.



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