Review: Dirty Dog Mat

We used to dread rainy days…the amount of grass, mud, and who knows what that ended up in the house (even after cleaning dog) was amazing. Not to mention the endless number of towels that was inevitably used…then we discovered the Dirty Dog mat.

Photo: Dog Gone Smart
Photo: Dog Gone Smart


To be honest…it’s not cheap…afterall it’s just a mat right? Nope once you’ve tried this thing…you’ll see it’s not just a mat. It absorbs a ton of water (the company claims it can soak upto 7x its weight in mud/water), traps a lot of dirt/grass and saves a lot of time cleaning. It has a non skid backing, it’s soft, is really cute and can take a bit of munching (although I don’t recommend you let them do it). Best of all it can be thrown in the wash and dries relatively quickly.

The downside is the price…it’s typically $40 for the medium size but this is one of the few things I say is worth buying anyway. I’ve heard some people use these mats not just for their dogs (like in the bathroom) and I can see why. It’s available at most pet stores.

cartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bonecartoon_bone out of 5




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