Puppy Love: One month into our new adventure

We’ve had the dog for nearly a month now and not surprisingly…has she grown….and so have we. All the books we read and we were still on a huge learning curve (a lot like having a new baby…except this one follows you and can bite!). From vomiting bile in the morning (a  bit of hydrated kibble at midnight fixed that one) to nipping (run by nipping was particularly “fun” apparently..and well..we’re still working on this one) it’s been an interesting month. Although there were some days where the sleep deprivation and feeling like you were a human chew toy started to get to us, a wagging tail and warm body on your feet made it all worth it (usually anyway).

I saw this on someone’s facebook page and it’s so true:

Old, soft, warm, well-loved nightgowns weren’t meant to last forever.

– Getting enough sleep is over-rated.

– An energetic, curious puppy is conducive to weight loss.

– Having a soft, warm puppy beside me for one millisecond makes up for all of the nips of the past hour.

– Napping when the puppy naps renews energy levels.

– There is nothing like puppy love.


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